To reschedule a game, you must contact the other coach; provide him/her with three options.
To determine which fields are available at which times, please go to website, schedules section and sort the games by the field you are interested in.
If you are using the NVOT High School Fields, check their schedule at:
Once you agree, please complete this form prior to 12:00 pm on the Monday before the originally scheduled games. Incomplete forms will be returned and may result in your game not being rescheduled.
You will be notified when the request has been submitted to the league.
Please go on-line to check the status of the requested change.
If you are having difficulty agreeing to a day/time change with another coach, please contact me so I can help.
In the event that you are unable to reschedule a home game in time:
You are responsible to meet the referee at the field during the scheduled game time and pay him/them their
The club will incur a $100.00 fine for each rescheduled game that was not originally placed on the schedule as a TBS game.

    New GameGame Change

    Select Reason for Game Change or New Game

    Proposed Field (check for Field availability before submission and do not leave gaps between games

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